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     Its is time for the second annual Sprint Cup Mania event. The all around event is actually made up of small events that run throughout the Nascar season as more of a sideshow than anything during a very long Nascar season. This years version once again involves the esteemed Winston Rumble. Last year saw a singles tournament with only the top 16 drivers in points. The exception is that the 2011 King and Queen will both be in the event so if they are bellow the top 16, it will affect whether their will need to be any pre-round 1 matchups. Either way to start the top 16 in points are guaranteed a chance to get in. Those who were to lose in a pre-round 1 matchups, would fall to the Prince/Princess tourny. This year, that King/Queen Tournament gets a lesser addition in the Prince/Princess Tournament. This involves the drivers 17-28 in points being placed in another tournament for some bragging rights to the members of the league who have struggled up to that point. Last year there was a Tag Team Battle Royal which involved all the members of those ranked 17-28(25) in points, and it was on the same weeks as the King/Queen Tourny. This year there will be another Tag Team matchup, but it will be a team vs. team tournament battle as well. These 3 tournaments however will not have their rounds happen during the same week. The first tournament starts on June 3rd. The next tourny has it's first round on June 10th and the last one starts on June 17th. The tournament that started on June 3rd will then have it's 2nd round happen the race after 6/17. This years Sprint CupMania takes up most of the regular season. The races without any events happening are both of the Daytona races, the Coca-Cola 600 and the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis. The Rumble takes place between the 500 and 600, while the tournaments make up the space between the 600 and the regular season finale. The 2012 All-Star race has also been added as part of Sprint-Cup Mania and takes place the week before the Coca-Cola 600.



The new power of the Royal Family. A crowning achievement for fantasy nascar. Bragging rights are what the Mania events are all about, why not add a little bling to the party. While last years (especially) King and Queen didn't quite get the respect they should've, next years Sprint Cup Mania will see them earn special treatment. However, with no extra power of royalty, King Nathan Fontaine went ahead and won the 2012 All-Star race anyway. So the complete new power of the Nascar Royal family will go into effect for next seasons events. What are these powers? Well again, special treatment. As the Empowered King (Or Queen), you along with the rest of royalty will enjoy special privledges in next years events. Starting with the 2013 Winston Rumble, the last 2 entrants will be the last 2 winners of the King and Queen of the Sprint Cup. The 2 before them will be the last 2 King or Queens that didn't win. The 4 spots before them will be what will now be the Princes and Princesses of the Sprint Cup. Those 4 are to be considered by the next 2 highest finishers in the K/Q for both the male and female drivers. If the final 4 however is of all one gender, they will steal 1 prince/princess spot from the other gender. That way the drivers who not only earned their way into the tournament but earned won at least 2 rounds to get to the final four will be rewarded with some driver page bling. The lower singles tournament has been changed to the Duke/Duchess tourney as the highest finishers, which will include the winner, would be 4th in line for the King or Queen. That makes an 8 member Royal Family. Add in the previous years King and Queen and you have the top 10 being rewarded for their efforts. So each year somebody becomes a King or Queen they have the privledge of getting the benefits the year after they win, and one year following it.

For the 2013 All-Star race, the defending King and Queen earn automatic berths, the rest of royalty go to their respective races, and all the members get the highest available Nascar driver based on their own rankings. So the King will get the Nascar driver #1 in points going into the event. The Showdown will have the rest of the royal family ranked at the top according to royal title, and get the highest Nascar driver available in points in the Showdown. The year befores King and Queen don't get an automatic berth but will be ranked as the #3 and #4 on the list of who gets what drivers behind the defending King and Queen. The tag team tournament will again see the King and Queen paired up along with the previous King and Queen and each other pair of royal members and the teams will be ranked from #1 to #6 with the Kings and Queens getting the #1 and #2 seeds. For the 2013 King and Queen tourney, their will be no guaranteed spots, just the benefits of seeding. Empowered 2012 winner first, empowered 2011 winner 2nd, then 2012 next in line and 2011 next in line, all other royalty members in the K/Q tourney will be seeded accordingly, before the rest of the field, and that goes the same for any royalty members in the 2013 Duke and Duchess tournament. What better way to add some sizzle then the earning of royalty, to each drivers page and the league pages.

Should make a note that you'll see some other titles based on last years King/Queen tourney. Obviously there was no 2nd single tourney, and like the fact that I will give an extra P/P spot to a gender if they sweep the final 4, I figured I would take a spot away from the girls after there being only 2 girls, a Queen and now Princess, last year. And with no D/D tourney last year, I gave the Duke title to the next highest scorer of the guys who lost in the same latest round. And as a nice touch, because, again, there were not enough girls in the K/Q tourney, I will give the winners of the Tag Team elimination tournament last year, which had no value or trophies given, all the title of Duchess. Figure it was three female members who won, so why not give them all the royal title.


2012 Fantasy Racing Royalty


2012 KING - Nathan Fontaine

2012 QUEEN - Fran Landry

2012 PRINCE - Matthew Guerra

2012 PRINCE - Keith Teasdale

(2012 PRINCESS - Shirley Fontaine) -  Won't be at the table thanks to retiring.

2011 (ROYAL) RUMBLE - Alan Maddock - Will take the open spot thanks to the 2012 Rumble winner retiring as well

2012 DUKE - Zachary Dorr

2012 DUCHESS - Tammy Cornwall

(2011 KING - Nathan Fontaine) - Will already be at the table thanks to a 2012 King/Prince crown

2011 QUEEN - Brenda Dorr - Will take the open spot as the Queen and runner-up to Nathan in the 2011 tourney


King/Queen of the Sprint Cup Tournament

The 2012 King/Queen Sprint Cup Tournament will begin with the June 10th race in Pocono. This years event will once again consist of 16 drivers, but because of the Duke/Duchess Tournament starting the week before, the field of 16 will be locked in after the Coke 600. Those 16 positions are seeded based on their position in super speedway less points. The tournament dates are June 10th in Pocono, June 30th in Kentucky, August 12th in Watkins Glen and the finals on September 8th in Richmond. The 2011 tournament champ and King was Nathan Fontaine. He defeated the crowned Queen, Brenda Dorr, in the finals of the event. Which meant the finals had one male and one female driver, it's King and Queen, battling for supremacy. The only change based on the new setup would be the seedings, but that will not be done as it would've had to also been done in the Duke/Duchess tournament, which has already started.


June 10th - Pocono       June 30th - Kentucky     August 12th - Watkins Glen                                                             August 12th - Watkins Glen       June 30th - Kentucky          June 10th Pocono   

#1 Kevin Timperley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            #2 Matthew Guerra      

          102 - 80                #1 Kevin Timperley                                                                                                                                                           #2 Matthew Guerra                      105 - 89

#16 Queen Brenda Dorr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   #15 Shirley Fontaine     

                                                83 - 74               #8 Duchess Fran Landry                                                                       #2 Matthew Guerra             88*5th - 88*6th   

#8 Duchess Fran Landry                                                                                       September 8th - Richmond                                                                                                  #7 John Burke              

         94 - 79                    #8 Duchess Fran Landry                                                                                                                                                 #7 John Burke                             79 - 66

#9 Jordan Maddock                                                                   #8 *Queen Fran Landry          vs.        #6 **King Nathan Fontaine                                                                   #10 Walter Reed          

                                                                                  104 - 80                                                                                                 115 - 84                                                        

 #5 Prince Keith Teasdale                                                              #6** KING NATHAN FONTAINE                                                                  #6 King Nathan Fontaine

       105 - 100                 #5 Prince Keith Teasdale                                                       106 - 100                                                                      #6 King Nathan Fontaine              108 - 91            

 #12 Tammy Trombley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      #11 Todd White          

                                                100 - 82              #5 Prince Keith Teasdale                                                              #6 King Nathan Fontaine              92 - 70

 #4 Tim Horgan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              #3 Prince Dave Landry 

        105 - 89                  #4 Tim Horgan                                                                                                                                                               #14 Jeff Wilson                             119 - 105

 #13 Princess Samantha Fontaine                                                                                                                                                                                                                 #14 Jeff Wilson             


To be crowned anything, you must at least win a round in any tournament. So with the 2012 Queen already crowned due to the fact that she is the only female left, the four women who all lost in the first round of the King and Queen tournament, will be thrown into head to head matchups for the next two weeks of the King and Queen tournament for the right to call themselves the 2012 Princess and reap all of it's rewards during the 2013 Sprint Cup Mania 3 events. Seedings for this will be based on the new Royalty format.


2012 Princess of the Sprint Cup Sub-Tournament


June 24th Sonoma                         June 30th Kentucky                                                                                       

#1 Queen Brenda Dorr                

             102 - 90                           # 4 Shirley Fontaine              

#4 Shirley Fontaine                       

                                                                  82 - 67                      #4 Shirley Fontaine                     Crowned 2012 Princess of the Sprint Cup

#2 Princess Samantha Fontaine 

                90 - 51                          #3 Tammy Trombley             

#3 Tammy Trombley                    



Duke/Duchess of the Sprint Cup Tournament

New to 2012 will be the Duke/Duchess Tournament. In 2011 while the King/Queen Tournament was going on there was a Tag Team Battle Royal for all the drivers not in the tournament. Well this year there will not only be a secondary tournament on par with what would be the NIT compared to the NCAA in college basketball, but every member of the league, including the two what will be part-time members, will be in a tag team tournament. The #1 seed in this tournament will be whoever is #17 in super speedway less points, with #1-16 in the K/Q Tourny, and the seeds are filled in accordingly after that.

Here is the schedule of which races will hold the rounds for the D/D Tourny. 1st round on June 3rd in Dover, 2nd round on June 24th in Sonoma, semi-finals on August 5th in Dover and the finals on August 25th in Bristol. The Duke and Duchess, just like the King and Queen, will be crowned to whoever  is the last standing male and females in their brackets. If the last are eliminated in the same round, the winner will be crowned as the driver with the highest amount of points. 


June 3rd - Dover          June 24th - Sonoma        August 5th - Dover                                                                                  August 5th - Dover           June 24th - Sonoma                June 3rd - Dover 

*Because neither saw the lineups picked, and they had the same in Sonoma, John Chambers and Alan Maddocks 2nd round matchup will continue June 30th in Kentucky, as will the K/Q Tournament.

#1 Duke Kenneth Dorr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     #2 John Chambers      

                                      #1 Duke Kenneth Dorr                                                                                                                                                        #2 John Chambers                    

- - - - - B Y E- - - - -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - - - - - B Y E - - - - - 

                                              102 - 95               #1 Duke Kenneth Dorr                                                                               #2 John Chambers           *89+88 - *89+67      

#8 Duchess Kristen Landry                                                                                      August 25th - Bristol                                                                                                         #7 Mandi Suomi          

           81 - 76               #9 Katie Backman                                                                                                                                                                #10 Alan Maddock                    96 - 84 

#9 Katie Backman                                                                      #12 Tammy Cornwall         vs.             #3 Zachary Dorr                                                                                 #10 Alan Maddock      

                                                                                  74 - 65                                         131 - 120                                               - - - B Y E - - -                                 

 #5 Larry Fontaine                                                                              #3 2012 Duke Zachary Dorr                                                                                    #6 Joshua Fontaine       

        117 - 66                #12 Tammy Cornwall                                                                                                                                                             #6 Joshua Fontaine                  99 - 76 

 #12 Tammy Cornwall                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 #11 Prince Aaron Stewart

                                              114 - 91               #12 Tammy Cornwall                                                                                    #3 Zachary Dorr                   111 - 91 

 #4 James Chambers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         #3 Zachary Dorr          

                                     #4 James Chambers                                                                                                                                                                #3 Zachary Dorr                    

- - - - - B Y E - - - - -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - - - - - B Y E - - - - -  



Tag Team Tournament


This years new Tag Team Tournament will see the drivers paired as such. First all the royalty members are paired together, then each individual spot is filled in. So there are now no predetermined tag teams, save for the royalty members. The tournament is happening at the same time as both of the singles tournaments. Each tournament will rotate for a given week. The Duke/Duchess Tournament starts June 3rd in Dover, then the King/Queen Tournament has their first round matchups on June 10th in Pocono. The first round of the Tag Team Tourny is June 17th in Michigan. Then it rotates back to the second round of the D/D Tourny on June 24th in Sonoma.

The complete schedule of the Tag Tourny is, 1st round June 17th in Michigan, 2nd round July 15th in New Hampshire, the semi-finals are on August 19th in Michigan and the finals of the tourny are on September 2nd in Atlanta.

The tournament will be seeded as such, starting with the new use of the royal seeding. The #1 seed will be the defending King and Queen. They will get a bye. While the #2 seed would in the future be the previous King and Queen, since there has only been 1 set, it drops to the next group. Normally it would be the first Prince and Princess but seeing as there are 3 Princes and 1 Princess from the previous year, two Princes will be paired and the highest 2 will get the honor. The #3 seed will then be the last Prince and the Princess. The #4 seed will be the Duke and Duchess from the previous year. Becuase there was no D/D tourney, the Duke was crowned by being the next highest finisher in the King and Queen tourney. There were no other females to give any crowns too, so the people that would've been in the D/D tourney, which had been put into a Tag Team elimination tourney, will get the honor. The winners of that were a team of 3 females, and while all 3 got honorary crowns, the spot in this Tourney would go to the highest ranked of the 3. Well with her not being in the league it drops to the 2nd in line. The 3rd will not get a bonus in this tournament and be dropped back into the regular pool of drivers. Once the group of royals have been seeded the next goes to any previous Sprint Cup Champion available, seeded by SSless points.

The next group of seedings start with the overall points leader, then the super speedway less points and finally the super speedway points leader. Once these are set the next driver entered in is the current Winston Rumble Champion, then the driver or drivers who leads the series in wins, if a tie, broken up by winning percentage. The final drivers will all be placed based on each drivers standing in the super speedway less points..


First Round - June 17th - Michigan             Second Round - July 15th - NH               Semi-Finals - August 19th Michigan                   Finals - September 2nd - Atlanta   

#1 King Nathan & Queen Brenda             

- - - - - - - - - - B Y E - - - - - - - - - -                                   #1 King Nathan & Queen Brenda      192 


#8 Todd White & Matthew Guerra          201               #8 Todd White & Matthew Guerra     178               #1 King Nathan & Queen Brenda                

#9 John Burke & Zachary Dorr                 174                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                           191 - 170                                       #5 LWO Walter Reed & LWO Jordan Maddock  

#5 Walter Reed & Jordan Maddock        178                                      

#12 Kristen Landry & Larry Fontaine     142                #5 Walter Reed & Jordan Maddock    219               #5 Walter Reed & Jordan Maddock                                                        191


#4 Duke Ken & Duchess Fran                 199                #4 Duke Ken & Duchess Fran            204                                                                      2012 Fantasy Nascar Tag Team Champions

#13 Katie Backman & Mandi Suomi        180                                                                                                                                  


#3 Princess Samantha & Prince Aaron 191                                                                                                                                                               #5 LWO Walter Reed & Jordan Maddock      

#14 Alan Maddock & Shirley Fontaine   184               #3 Princess Samantha & Prince Aaron  184


#6 Kevin Timperley & James Chambers 211                #6 Kevin Timperley & James Chambers  201            #8 Kevin Timperley & Jeff Wilson                                                          143

#11 Tim Horgan & Joshua Fontaine        154                                     

                                                                                                                                                                                                              211 - 177                                             WC LWO Keith Teasdale & LWO Dave Landry 

#7 Tammy Trombley & Tammy Cornwall 182                                    

#10 Jeff Wilson & John Chambers            240              #10 Jeff Wilson & John Chambers           214            WC Keith Teasdale & Dave Landry                      


#2 Tag Team currently known as Prince                   #2 Tag Team currently known as Prince 205 

- - - - - - - - - - B Y E - - - - - - - - - -               


Because of John and James Chambers exiting the league mid-season, there was an issue with the Tag Team Tournament. The teams that John and James were on were supposed to be facing each other in the semi-finals. So to not punish their partners, both remaining guys will be teamed up. (Kevin and Jeff) That leaves no team for them to face in the semi-finals and would give them a bye into the finals. That didn't seem to be the right thing to do. So an idea to add in a late wild card was thought of. There will be a wild card sub-tournament where the 4 teams that lost in the previous round will go head to head over the next two races to fill in the 2nd semi-final match. While these teams did lose already, having them have to win 2 matches to get back in pretty much evens it out to where no extra match will be needed if the team wins in the finals. It equates out to where the wild card team will have needed to go 3-1 to get from the quarters to the finals while the other team will have gone 2-0 in that stretch. The only issue was with one of the four teams, it also had another league member who has quit. So to make sure to give Aaron a chance, I decided to go back to the previous (first) round and take the highest finisher off all who were on a losing team in that round. The idea had also popped in to perhaps give the spot to the winner of the Rumble, but it didn't matter because they ended up being one and the same. Tammy Trombley. It just seemed to work out well overall as there are 2 more weeks before the semi-finals of the tag tournament continue. So in those two weeks the wild card sub-tournament can take place without slowing anything down. I had three ideas for seeding, 1 was to use the updated SSless standings, which were used for the first seeding, 2 was to just use the old seeds, and 3 was to seed based on the performance of the teams during the week they all lost, and in all 3 cases, the teams playing each other were the same. Which made the time I took to decide one before I figured it out to be a waste.


2012 Sprint Cup Tag Team Wild Card Sub-Tournament


August 5th Dover                                  August 12th Watkins Glenn                                                                                  

#1 Kenneth Dorr & Fran Landry         

                185 - 153                             #4 Aaron Stewart & Tammy Trombley

#4 Aaron Stewart & Tammy Trombley

                                                                                 160 - 91                           #2 Keith Teasdale & Dave Landry                 Tag Team Wild Card Winner

#2 Tag Team formerly known as Prince

                200 - 147                             #2 Tag Team formerly known as Prince

#3 Todd White & Matthew Guerra      


Sprint Cup All-Star Race


The 2012 All-Star race will happen Saturday 5/19 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Well nothing like a last minute change to mix things up. It looks like my original idea for the All-Star race isn't quite going to work anymore. And I'm ok with that. It was entertaining the first couple of years, but with the growth in league membership, along with the shrinking of quality nascar teams, means the All-Star race is going to get a sudden overhaul. No more points. Just bragging rights and a trophy on the driver page. There are only 20 nascar drivers in the All-Star race this year and 25 eligible as far as people dating back to last All-Star race. So it isn't going to work no matter what. So I will do it as such, again, no points anymore, but the top 20 in our points, in fact, I want to use my SSless points, my show, my rules, get the nascar driver in the All-Star race who is in the actual points in that position. For example, Kevin leads the SSless points, that's superspeedway less points for those not paying attention to earlier posts, and for all the nascar guys in the All-Star race, Greg Biffle has the most points. Kevin gets Greg. So this year, even though there were 25 eligible, because there are only 20 spots, you have to earn your way in. 21st gets the highest guy in points in the actual Showdown. Bragging rights people. It's the only way to truly bring some entertainment value back to this event in the fantasy world. As I told Jordan, I wanted a balanced race, but I should've been thinking about filling up the All-Star race all along. As in both fantasy leagues, I always say, change is always necessary. The NFL and Nascar continue to change, so too then... have to the fantasy leagues to keep up. I failed to see that this time until it was almost to late. My appologies. I will still have the former members in. Nick was last years winner. I wanted him in. I would've made him the #26 eligible seeing as he obviously has no points this year. Maybe if there were 26 nascar guys I could've left him in the All-Star race. He will drop with the rest of the eligible not in the top 20. Those can still race their way in. If they don't, it won't cost them any points this time.

Okay. Here we go. The more I thought about it, the more excited I am to watch the race now. Love the fact that once the All-Star race starts, every single Nascar guy in the race will be represented. Screw qualifying. The only way to make sure the highest in our points gets the best available driver is going by nascars point standings. Now I don't want to screw anyone who earned their way in this year and were supposed to be in. So the way I will hand out bids is based on SSless points, which means I don't have to worry about where to put the people in our bonus spots in points. (9&10, or where they actually are in points).

We had 14 full-time league members qualify this year. So there are the first 14. Then the second phase is adding in those that qualified from the second half of last year. There were 11, but with only 6 spots left, only the top 6 in our points of those 11 make it in. The remaining 5 get bumped back to the Showdown, where they get the top 5 in nascars points of the guys in the actual Showdown. So with Ken being the first guy bumped back down (By Brenda, again, after she stole the #16 seed in the K/Q Tourny from him, bumping him down to the #1 seed in the P/P Tourny), he gets the guy highest in points. Well that happens to be Dale Jr. So the jokes on her. He's gonna be in the All-Star race with Jr. she's stuck with Bayne. (Of course with that #16 seed, means she has to face the #1 seed Kevin. While he has a first round bye in his tourny. So who wins out after all? That's what she gets for being greedy.)

So we have all those guys filled in. The third phase will always be to add Nick, the 2011 All-Star winner, if there is room. Obviously seeing as we're already in the Showdown by this point, he goes there, along with the rest of the part-time/former members. This way they get crappy guys, but if they move up and somebody else doesn't, then so be it. No points, no deal. If by miracle some awful nascar guy who isn't picked makes it in, then that bid will go to the highest of our finishers not to make it. And they take over the crappy guy.
2012 All-Star Race Results

2012 All-Star Race

1.  King Nathan Fontaine** (48)
2.  Larry Fontaine* (2)
3.  Tim Horgan* (17)
4.  Todd White (18)
5. Duke Kenneth Dorr* (88)
6.  Walter Reed (29)
7.  Tammy Cornwall (9)
8.  Jordan Maddock  (51)
9.  Katie Backman  (5)
10. Mandi Suomi (39)
11. Princess Samantha Fontaine (22)
12. Jeff Wilson (78)
13. Duchess Fran Landry (24)
14. James Chambers (15)
15. Queen Brenda Dorr (21)
16. Josh Fontaine (27)
17. John Burke (14)
18. Shirley Fontaine (34)
19. John Chambers (47)
20. Prince Keith Teasdale (11)
21. Prince Dave Landry (55)
22. Kevin Timperley (16)
23. Tammy Trombley (99)

2012 Showdown Race

1.  Duke Kenneth Dorr (88) *Transfered
2.  Princess Samantha Fontaine (22) *Transfered
3.  Nick Gustafson (1)
4.  Zachary Dorr (56)
5.  Prince Aaron Stewart (42)
6.  Duchess Kristen Landry (20)
7.  Matthew Guerra (43)
8.  Alan Maddock (31)
9.  Chris Brown  (83)
10. Ann-Marie Burke (93)
11. Mario Thompson (13)
12. John Chambers (47) *Transfered-Fanvote
13. Eric Gustafson (38)
14. Duchess Melissa Olson (10)



The 2012 Winston Rumble will be set up a little different than in 2011. In this years version, there are no more partners, no more being saved. If you are at the bottom of the barrell during a certain week, you are eliminated. The event starts in Phoenix, race #2 on the season, and will consist of the first 4 drivers randomized on Random.Org. 1 driver will be eliminated after the first race. The next race is in Las Vegas and will add in the next 4 drivers. 1 more driver is eliminated after this, leaving the ring with 6 drivers left. The next 3 races, Bristol, California and Martinsville will each add 4 and then eliminate 2 drivers. That leaves 12 drivers going into Texas. Texas will see entrants #21-24 come in, and have 4 eliminated, then Kanas will see entrants #25-28 while then also eliminated 4. That still leaves 12 going into Richmond where #s 29 & 30 will make their entrance. After another 4 are eliminated there will be 10 going into Talladega. After like only a superspeedway can, 6 drivers will be taken out heading into the finals in Darlington. Those 4 remaining drivers will battle it out to try and dethrone Alan Maddock as Winston Rumble Champion. The winner of the Winston Rumble will see themselves with an automatic bid into the All-Star race.



                                               2012 Winston Rumble Champion                                               


I                   #27 TAMMY TROMBLEY                  I


*Next Season will involve not having any Super Speedway races in any of the Sprint Cup Mania events


Race 1 - Daytona - N/A

Race 2 - John Burke 120, Aaron Stewart 117, Jordan Maddock 90, X Josh Fontaine 87

Race 3 - Jordan Maddock 102, Christopher Brown 101, Kevin Timperley 95, James Chambers 87,

John Burke 76, Aaron Stewart 73, X Mandi Suomi 67

Race 4 - Jordan Maddock 116, Melissa Olson 100, Kenneth Dorr 95, James Chambers 82, Dave Landry 80,

Christopher Brown 76, Kevin Timperley 69, John Burke 65, X Aaron Stewart 60, X Tammy Cornwall 60

Race 5 - Melissa Olson 111, Matthew Guerra 99, Kevin Timperley 98, John Burke 97

Jordan Maddock 96, Larry Fontaine 95, Dave landry 91, Kenneth Dorr 89

John Chambers 88, Christopher Brown 65, X Alan Maddock 57, X James Chambers 54

Race 6 - John Chambers 112, Dave Landry 109, Kevin Timperley 109, Jordan Maddock 104,

Keith Teasdale 98, Brenda Dorr 98, Matt Guerra 96, Melissa Olson 96, John Burke 92

Walter Reed 90, Larry Fontaine 83, Jeff Wilson 82, X Kenneth Dorr 82, X Christopher Brown 73

Race 7 - Shirley Fontaine 117, Kristen Landry 110, Jordan Maddock 103, Walter Reed 103,

Samantha Fontaine 101, Keith Teasdale 96, Dave Landry 96, Kevin Timperley 94,

John Burke 94, Jeff Wilson 92, John Chambers 92, Brenda Dorr 92,

X Matt Guerra 83, X Melissa Olson 83, X Larry Fontaine 61, X Katie Backman 57

Race 8 - Nathan Fontaine 122, Zachary Dorr 118, John Chambers 113, Walter Reed 110,

Jeff Wilson 109, Todd White 109, Shirley Fontaine 108, Kevin Timperley 108,

Brenda Dorr 108, Tammy Trombley 104, Keith Teasdale 101, Samantha Fontaine 100,

X Jordan Maddock 97, X John Burke 93, X Dave Landry 80, X Kristen Landry 77

Race 9 - Tim Horgan 128, Fran Landry 117, Tammy Trombley 117, Keith Teasdale 115,

Nathan Fontaine 111, Samantha Fontaine 108, Shirley Fontaine 108,

Kevin Timperley 107, Jeff Wilson 102, John Chambers 102,

X Todd White 97, X Walter Reed 94, X Brenda Dorr 94, X Zachary Dorr 93

Race 10 - John Chambers 94, Tammy Trombley 67, Jeff Wilson 64, Samantha Fontaine 56

X Tim Horgan 56, X Fran Landry 53X Kevin Timperley 51,

X Nathan Fontaine 46, X Keith Teasdale 39, X Shirley Fontaine 36

Race 11 (Finals) - Tammy Trombley 111, Jeff Wilson 103, John Chambers 97, Samantha Fontaine 77


Entrance Order

#1 Aaron Stewart

#2 Josh Fontaine

#3 Jordan Maddock

#4 John Burke

#5 James Chambers

#6 Mandi Suomi

#7 Kevin Timperley

#8 Christopher Brown

#9 Kenneth Dorr

#10 Melissa Olson

#11 Tammy Cornwall

#12 Dave Landry

#13 Larry Fontaine

#14 Matthew Guerra

#15 John Chambers

#16 Alan Maddock

#17 Brenda Dorr

#18 Jeff Wilson

#19 Keith Teasdale

#20 Walter Reed

#21 Katie Backman

#22 Samantha Fontaine

#23 Shirley Fontaine

#24 Kristen Landry

#25 Nathan Fontaine

#26 Zachary Dorr

#27 Tammy Trombley

#28 Todd White

#29 Tim Horgan

#30 Fran Landry


Elimination Order

#1 Josh Fontaine (#2)

#2 Mandi Suomi (#6)

#3 Tammy Cornwall (#11)

#4 Aaron Stewart (#1)

#5 James Chambers (#5)

#6 Alan Maddock (#16)

#7 Christopher Brown (#8)

#8 Kenneth Dorr (#9)

#9 Katie Backman (#21)

#10 Larry Fontaine (#13)

#11 Melissa Olson (#10)

#12 Matthew Guerra (#14)

#13 Kristen Landry (#24)

#14 Dave Landry (#12)

#15 John Burke (#4)

#16 Jordan Maddock (#3)

#17 Zachary Dorr (#26)

#18 Brenda Dorr (#17)

#19 Walter Reed (#20)

#20 Todd White (#28)

#21 Shirley Fontaine (#23)

#22 Keith Teasdale (#19)

#23 Nathan Fontaine (#25)

#24 Kevin Timperley (#7)

#25 Fran Landry (#30)

#26 Tim Horgan (#29)

#27 Samantha Fontaine (#22)

#28 John Chambers (#15)

#29 Jeff Wilson (#18)

#30 2012 Winston Rumble Champion Tammy Trombley (#27)